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Why do we have a Mental Health Partner?

Mental illnesses are many and varied, but they are all treatable. SWVFA believes it is time to close the gap between those who are seeking help and those that aren’t. We need to focus on this to remove the stigma of mental illness in our community, encourage help seeking behaviour and raise the level of community competence in supporting someone with mental health issues.

The stigma of mental illness can be broken down through open and honest conversation. SWVFA is partnering with Let’s Talk Australia – a prominent Mental Health Awareness campaigner - to broaden the message that it is okay to talk about Mental Health.

Community engagement can break the stigma of mental health - So LET’S TALK!

Some key statistics concerning mental health are that:

  • 1 in 2 Australians will require some form of mental health support during their lives.
  • 45% of the population will experience a treatable mental illness.
  • 24% of young people are suffering anxiety and more serious Mental Illnesses.
  • Only 15% of young males experiencing mental illness receive treatment.